Slow Opening Snivel Lasts 60+ Seconds!

Submitted by Andrew | Posted: 5 years ago
This is intense! Check out one of the early "test" jumps for the new Icarus JFX canopy. It seems they slowed down the openings a bit too much at first, but they've got them worked out now. Even Luigi Cani - a parachute test pilot and stuntman - endorses the Icarus JFX canopy: "The JFX is the best overall canopy I have ever jumped. What I like best about the canopy is the way it opens - every time it's on heading and soft - not too slow and not too sharp..." For more info about Icarus Canopies, visit
Do any of you jump an Icarus JFX canopy or have you ever had a snivel last more than a minute?! Let us know in the comments below.