IBA Indoor Skydiving Competition at iFLY Houston Woodlands (Recorded Playback)

Posted by Andrew R.

UPDATE: The audio has been muted due to copyright music used during the live broadcast.

Teem proudly presents the official live stream for the 2nd IBA Indoor Skydiving Competition Series, hosted at iFLY Houston Woodlands.

Huge thanks to Laura Wagner,Shannon Batlak, Dani O’Neill and everyone else who helped make this event possible, including iFLY Houston Woodlands and the International Bodyflight Association.

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  1. Watch the full live stream on Friday, September 9th at 3:30 PM CT
  2. Spot the inflatable astronaut during the competition and keep count
  3. Let us know how many times the inflatable astronaut appeared during the live stream (contest entry ends once competition ends, approx. 10:30 PM CT on Friday, September 9th)

First person to post the correct answer in the comments below wins 15 minutes of FREE iFLY tunnel time.

Same contest/rules apply for the live stream on Saturday, September 10th

Contest Rules:

* First time flyers will receive the equivalent tunnel time as a “First Time Flight” package
* Tunnel time can be flown at any corporate iFLY location
* Only one entry per person per day (Friday + Saturday)
* Travel/flight & accommodations not included
* Contest entry ends each day (Friday + Saturday) once competition ends (approx. 10:30 PM CT on Friday, September 9th; Saturday TBD)

Live Stream Powered by: JOINTHETEEM / IFLY / IBA