Friday Freakout: 3 Skydivers Nearly Killed By Opening Parachute

Posted by Andrew R.

Ummm, HOLY $#%&!!! This is one of the scariest and craziest Friday Freakout videos I’ve seen in a while.

On a 4-way formation skydive, one of the skydivers sinks out below the formation and loses sight of the formation as they punch through thick clouds. Not good. At break-off, the low jumper pulls in place without tracking away, narrowly missing the other jumpers above him as his parachute opens. Luckily the remaining 3-way above him broke off when they did, otherwise they might have been seriously injured or killed from that impact.

As scary as this incident is, it highlights the importance of keeping an eye on the formation if you sink out, tracking away from the formation regardless of whether you’re in the formation or below it, and not jumping through clouds.