Style for the sky

We craft comfy clothing for skydivers just like you.

Our premium tees are probably the most awesome t-shirts on the planet. We print water-based inks on the softest tees we can find, each featuring two armholes and one neckhole — just the way you like ‘em!

Oh, and stickers. We have lots of TEEM stickers cuz we all love to stick stickers on stickable things.

Welcome to TEEM. Here’s what we believe.

We believe in living adventurously.

We believe in our community of athletes. You’re amazing.

We believe in unlocking human potential and pushing boundaries — it’s fun to do the impossible.

We believe in challenging ourselves with big dreams and big goals.

We believe in sharing inspiring stories.

We DO NOT believe in taking life too seriously.

We believe in learning (and laughing) from our fails.

We DO NOT believe in mediocrity or a comfort zone — well, we believe they exist, but nothing awesome ever happened sitting on the couch.

We believe life is a one-time offer. Use it well.

Live adventurously.