Friday Freakout: Close Call, Skydiver Skims Parachute In Freefall

Posted by Andrew R.

Wait for it….. and…. whoa! This is way too close, and remember — things are closer than they appear with a GoPro. Here’s what we know about this incident:

  • Wrong exit order: The skydiver under canopy (Jumper #1) was doing a 2-way freefly jump; the skydiver in freefall (Jumper #2) was doing a 2-way belly jump. There was 7 seconds of separation between the groups, but the belly jumpers should’ve exited before the freeflyers (assuming they were all pulling at the same altitude).
  • Low pull, no audible altimeter: Jumper #2 didn’t have an audible altimeter, had a late break-off, lost altitude awareness and pulled low around 1,500 feet.
  • Flying canopy up jump run: Jumper #1 ends up flying fhis canopy towards jump run, which reduces the separation that was given with the 7-second delay between groups.

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