Friday Freakout: Confused Skydive Student Pulls Wrong Handle, Loses Main Parachute #AllTheHandles

Posted by Andrew R.

We all have good days and bad days. For this static-line progression skydive student, it was just one of “those” days — he got a little confused and pulled his cutaway handle instead of his main parachute handle. Ooops.

Then, instead of going straight for his reserve, he deployed his main parachute, which didn’t stick around for very long before the RSL deployed his reserve. Double ooops.

*insert sarcastic tone here* If you’re ever itching to pull all-the-handles, just remember it’s 1) main 2) cutaway 3) reserve. And if you find yourself with a pulled cutaway handle in freefall, do yourself a favor and just go straight for your reserve. Your instructor will thank you.

We all make mistakes. Live and learn. And smile 🙂

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