Friday Freakout: Double Trouble — Skydiver Nearly Collides With Parachute In Freefall… Twice In One Day

Posted by Andrew R.

This is footage from a skydiver who had two close calls in the same day.

In the first clip, he nearly collides with a canopy (orange) in freefall as the canopy flies up jump run. He noticed the canopy just as he was about to pull, so he delayed his deployment to fly past the canopy to avoid the chances of snivelling into the orange canopy.

In the second clip, he flies past another canopy in freefall while tracking away from a 9-way. This time it was an AFF student who had exited before the 9-way group and was flying their canopy up jump run.

This video is a great reminder of how important it is to avoid flying your canopy up jump run, having proper exit order (AFF should have gone after the 9-way group), having proper separation between groups, and being mindful of your tracking direction at break-off.

Location: Skydive Lodi