Friday Freakout: Human Meat Missile, Skydiver Flies Through Angle Group!

Posted by Andrew R.

What happened?

One of the skydivers on a big-way angle jump corks out, loses control and flies through the formation. Another jumper at the 0:47 mark gets a little unstable and balls up, which causes them to stop flying their slot and they fly across the formation just before break-off.

Fortunately there was nobody else in the path of the meat missile, because a collision at these speeds can be very dangerous and possibly fatal.

Why did this happen?

The jumper who was flying on their back was off level — he was low and too far ahead of the formation — so he tried getting closer to the formation by changing his angle of attack (flatter) without slowing down to get back into position behind the leader. As he picked up more speed closing the gap to the formation, he got scared and balled up, which caused him to cork through the group.

What could have been done differently?

Level. Slot. Dock.

We all know the importance of “level, slot, dock” and that applies to any flying orientation/discipline in the sky.

When angle flying, skydivers flying on their back should be slightly behind the leader and skydivers flying on their belly should be slightly ahead of the leader.

As mentioned above, this jumper was back-flying and off level by being too far ahead of the formation. Before changing his angle of attack to get closer to the formation, he should have slowed down by applying some brakes to get back on level behind the leader.

Never stop flying

Never stop flying your body! Ever. Balling up might feel like the safe thing to do to prepare and protect yourself for an oncoming collision, but it’s much safer to keep flying to avoid a collision. You will have more control and awareness if you keep flying compared to balling up and closing your eyes.


Stay safe out there everyone! If I’ve missed anything or you have other suggestions to add to this list, please comment below.

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