Friday Freakout: Messy Malfunction Wraps Around Skydiver’s Foot, Loses Shoe To Save The Day!

Posted by Andrew R.
Friday Freakout

This freak accident has all the ingredients for a Friday Freakout: a premature parachute opening, a bridle wrapped around a skydiver’s foot, a lost shoe, and a ripped parachute with broken lines. Yikes.

On a 5-way exit, Skydiver A has a premature opening as they exit the plane, and the bridle wraps around Skydiver B’s foot. It all happens so quickly that Skydiver A was unaware of what was happening until Skydiver B fell below him in freefall with the bridle attached to his foot. Skydiver B was able to kick off his shoe to clear the entangled bridle around his foot before Skydiver A could cutaway.

For Skydiver A, the end result was a snappy premature opening with six tears on the parachute, including a torn end cell, broken lines and line burns all over the canopy. He did a controllability check and the canopy was flying surprisingly normal, so he flew it down from 13,000 feet and landed safely.

For Skydiver B, the end result was a lost shoe.

All in all, a good outcome for an otherwise messy malfunction.