Friday Freakout: Sketchy Skydive Malfunction, Parachute Wrapped Around Skydiver’s Foot

Posted by Andrew R.

This incident starts off with a pilot chute in tow, which was caused by a packing error (uncocked pilot chute). After an unsuccessful attempt to deploy his main parachute by pulling the bridal, this skydiver decided to go straight for his reserve parachute.

As the reserve deployed, his main parachute also came out of the container, which he immediately cut away while it was still in the d-bag, but the lines were wrapped around his feet and the main parachute began to inflate. Luckily he managed to ball up so that he could reach his feet to clear the entanglement, and he landed his reserve safely without any other exciting surprises.

This is an intense malfunction, which could’ve been avoided with a simple fix: cock your pilot chute 😉 What would you have done in this situation?