Friday Freakout: Skydive Student’s Parachute Doesn’t Open, Wrapped Around Foot!

Posted by Andrew R.

On an AFF Level 5 jump, this skydiving student has a typical dive flow but he loses track of altitude and the instructor reminds him to pull.

As the student reaches back to pull, he becomes slightly unstable and ends up pulling the pilot chute behind him instead of straight out to the side for a clean deployment, which causes the bridle to wrap around his foot. Just before the student flips onto his back to try to clear the entanglement around his foot, the d-bag comes out of the container and the lines get entangled with his legs once he’s on his back — a scary situation for any skydiver, let alone a student.

Luckily he was able to cutaway, deploy his reserve parachute and land safely.

Phew. That’ll get your palms sweating.