Friday Freakout: Skydiver’s Double Malfunction, Scary Spinning Reserve Parachute

Posted by Andrew R.

A strange malfunction and a standard cutaway turns into a messy reserve deployment, which escalates into a scary situation for this wingsuit pilot.

The malfunction on the main parachute appears to be a tension knot, but it was actually caused by one of the silicone protectors (which cover/protect the connector links) that came loose and worked its way up the lines.

He had a clean cutaway at 1,800 feet, but his body position (and possibly the burble created by the wingsuit) caused asymmetrical line stretch on the reserve deployment, which turned into spinning line twists. Yikes! Fortunately he managed to kick out of the line twists for a safe reserve landing.

Dominic’s conclusion and suggestions based on his incident: better equipment awareness and body position, pull high enough and use the biggest reserve size possible when flying big wingsuits.

Gear Specs:
– Container: SIFE RT
– Main Canopy: Epicene 135
– Reserve Canopy: OP 126
– Wingsuit: Squirrel Freak
– RSL / Skyhook / MARD: None

Thanks to Dominic for sharing his video and information about the malfunction(s) so that others can learn from this incident.