Friday Freakout: Skydiver Fights Spinning Malfunction Below 1,000 Feet

Posted by Andrew R.

This video starts off with a close-ish opening to another canopy due to lack of separation a break-off. After fumbling with his slider and steering toggles, this skydiver finds himself in a spinning malfunction due to a stuck toggle. He loses altitude awareness while continuing to fumble with his toggles instead of cutting away, but eventually fixes the malfunction below 1,000 feet and has a bit of a rough landing.

Loss of altitude awareness can be deadly, so it’s important to set your cutaway hard deck and stick to it. That means not just relying on the final “beeps” of your audible altimeter to make a decision when you’re low, but also setting your hard deck altitude in your mind so that you can rely on your visual altimeter to make a decision in an emergency situation.