Friday Freakout: Skydiver Survives Nasty Double Parachute Malfunction

Posted by Andrew R.

Campbells nasty double malfunction is the stuff skydivers nightmares are made of. It starts off with a pilot chute in tow due to a bridle wrap. He pulls his cutaway and then his reserve, but the main canopy comes out and wraps around his reserve lines due to the dual-sided RSL, which chokes off the reserve. At this point, the double malfunction spins out of control for the next 2,500 feet (give or take) until he impacts the ground. Aside from a minor concussion, Campbell was fortunate to walk away from this incident intact no broken bones or any serious injuries!Honestly, I dont know much about dual RSLs, but it sounds like a bad idea to me. Does anyone know why a dual RSL setup would be more beneficial than a single RSL?