Friday Freakout: Skydiver Survives Terrifying Cutaway Entanglement

Posted by Andrew R.

If you can land safely after a cutaway that involves your reserve getting entangled with your main canopy and lines flying everywhere, I’d say thats’ a good reason to crack a beer, change your underwear and call it a day.

This mess happened to my friend (aptly nicknamed) Mali. Not only did her reserve entangle with the main canopy, but once the reserve finally inflated, it was also entangled with her camera helmet. The helmet cutaway system didn’t work, but she managed to release the helmet with the ratchets. The helmet remained caught on her lines and she landed on rear risers. Lost her GoPro, retrieved her main canopy from the lake, and luckily had another camera to capture this intense malfunction. All in all, that makes for one hell of an exciting Sunday.