Friday Freakout: Skydiver Survives Terrifying Double Parachute Malfunction

Posted by Andrew R.

DISCLAIMER: Watching this video may result in sweaty palms and/or soiled underwear.

This skydiver had a double malfunction after a line got caught on a tab (closing loop tab) on his container.

When he cut away, the main risers disconnected but the line was still wrapped around the tab, leaving the main canopy trailing behind him and caused an entanglement as he deployed his reserve parachute.

He fought the entangled mess all the way to the ground, and the end result was a hard landing on the tarmac — but he survived!

He got lucky.

What gear was used?

Hook knife: No
RSL: Yes
Container: Javelin J1
Main Canopy: Stiletto 135
Reserve Canopy: Micro Raven 150

This was a known issue in the early 2000’s and Sunpath issued a Service Bulletin for these containers.

He bought the container used and he thought the problem had been addressed — albeit incorrectly. In hindsight, he realized that he should’ve been more vigilant about knowing his gear and doing routine inspections.

Did I mention: he got lucky.