Friday Freakout: Skydiver’s Foot Stuck Above Head After Premature Parachute Opening

Posted by Andrew R.

What happened?

At 6,000 feet, this skydiver had a premature opening while sit flying. As the canopy opened, the left riser pulled his left leg above his head and pinned his left arm between his body and his leg. He attempted to get out of this human-pretzel situation, but since he’s not a contortionists, a yoga instructor nor a magician, he couldn’t clear his leg over the riser so he cutaway and the RSL deployed his beautifully twisted reserve.

After clearing the reserve line twists, he followed his cutaway canopy down and landed off DZ in the same field where the main canopy drifted.

Why did this happen?

This might have been caused by a loose closing loop, a loose BOC or the bridle was exposed and caught too much air in freefall.

The end result was cuts and bruises on his leg, sore muscles and a broken slider. All things considered, he’s pretty lucky to walk away with such minor injuries.


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