Friday Freakout: Skydiving Meat Missile, Near Miss High Speed Collision In Freefall

Posted by Andrew R.

Skip to the 0:50 second mark to catch the close call — a near miss high speed collision after break off — but be sure to watch the full video from the beginning to see how this jump unfolds from the exit.

It starts off as a 6-way group, but quickly turns into a zoo dive with varying levels and distances from the base.

There’s a burble bump-n-grind just before break off, but the real WTF moment happens after break off when a meat missile flies by as this skydiver (POV) was tracking away. Luckily there was no collision, because a collision at that speed could be fatal.

If you find yourself off-level, especially above the formation/base, it’s important to maintain altitude awareness and be mindful that other jumpers below you may be at break-off and tracking away while you’re still chasing the base.

Also, jumping in smaller groups with jumpers who are at similar skill levels can help reduce the chances of a incident like this.

There are many lessons to be learned from this incident, so please share your thoughts and advice below.