City of Angeles // Morgan Oliver-Allen

Posted by Chris Culham

Filmmaker Morgan Oliver-Allen shares his thoughts on this project: “City of Angeles is step into my life, chasing adventure, adrenaline, love and finding what truly makes me happy.

So much of the time as filmmakers we lose our true artistic sense, forget about creativity, and why we even started down this career path in the first place. With social media and the constant demand for content I found myself lost creating for everyone else but myself. What was once art to me felt so distant.

The past couple months I have been living in Los Angeles working on a personal project. I started going back to my roots of creativity, making my own vision come to life. This project sat on my harddrive for months. I was unsure of wether to share this with everyone or simply keep it for myself as a reminder of what I love.

In case you are wondering who that beautiful girl is in this video, it’s Grace Erickson. I also want to give a MASSIVE shout to Eddie Diaz who this video would have not happened without his help. Along with Albert Benjamin, Griffin Turner, Randy Seib, and Josh Rottman.

This is the next chapter in my life and I hope you all enjoy it!”

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Music: Illenium – Sound Of Walking Away feat. Kerli