In Formation: Skydivers Breaking the Sound Barrier in Freefall

Posted by Andrew R.

Check out selection #6 from the Project Archive Film Festival, a fundraiser hosted by Kinetic to help support fellow filmmakers during the Covid-19 shutdown. If you’re in a position to donate some shekels for the fundraiser, there is a GoFundMe here.

About The Film

This film by Jasper Van Der Meer began conception over five years ago but, due to a multitude of factors, was never released. After struggling to finish several times, Jasper took the Covid lockdown and the Project Archive Fundraiser Film Festival as an opportunity to finish this massive undertaking, which features an original soundtrack and a professional voiceover, and required physically shipping hard-drives to production team members.

Jasper is an event organizer with Tora Tora, who are known to host some of the most unique and exciting air-sports festivals on earth. Due to Covid-19, many of those jobs will simply be unavailable for much of this season. Jasper is using the time to plan new projects and ideas for the future.

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