My Dog & My Parachutes: A Tribute to Gage Galle

Posted by Andrew R.

We mourn the loss of yet another legend and shining star — PD Factory Team member, Gage Galle. Here are a few words from PD:

“Gage joined the PD Factory Team in 2013. His enthusiasm for skydiving was unparalleled and his love for life was electrifying to be around. If you only met him once you would remember him. He was high on life, and always smiling from ear to ear. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

“When life gets you down, take a moment to find your inner Gage. It starts by putting on a smile. Find and embrace happiness in every situation and in every person. Fear nothing. Let negativity brush past as quickly as it arrived. Allow obstacles in your life to become opportunities for achievement when you conquer them. Keep smiling.

Blue Skies Gage….”

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