The Greatest Show On Earth — CarolinaFest 2017 // Part 3

Posted by Andrew R.

Come one, come all, witness to the greatest show on earth: CarolinaFest 2017. The carnival was in town, which means skydiving clowns, costumes, inflatables and tons-o-craziness. Even the Illegal Ninja made an appearance at Skydive Carolina, and we all know his superpower is FUN. You won’t want to miss part 3 of the CarolinaFest 2017 video series.

Also, huge congrats to everyone who set the new 16-way formation skydive South Carolina state record, including a 3-point FS sequential record, as well as the new women’s 5-way two point sequential head down state record! Amazing work!

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Video by Valera Boluchevsky & Andrew Revesz

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