Skydive Chicago Presents: Limousine Time Machine — The World’s Longest Limo Ramp Jump!

Posted by Andrew R.

What do you get when you combine a limousine with nitrous oxide (NOS) and fireworks, and then drive it full speed towards a ramp? The world’s longest limousine ramp jump, soaring 143 feet before impacting the ground for the grand finale at Skydive Chicago’s Summerfest 2016. We’re still waiting on the paperwork to make this an official Guinness World Record, but stuntman Calvin “Scarecrow” Sherk crushed the previous record of 103 feet.

Huge thanks to Rook, Calvin, AJ, Valera and the rest of the SDC crew for making this stunt happen. It was an honor for Teem to be involved with a world record stunt like this.

Video Credit: Calvin Sherk, Ryan Patrick (Stay Awesome Productions), Valera Boluchevsky, Andrew Revesz, Chris Goller

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