Friday Freakout: Super Sketchy, Parachute Wraps Around Skydiver’s Foot

Posted by Zej Moczydlowski

What happened

This attempt at a two-way flock escalated quickly! While in close proximity, the plan was to fly over one another without taking any CRW docks, but the second jumper’s leg caught one of his friend’s brake lines resulting in a spinning wrap that ended only when the line snapped at the attachment point — not to mention a sketchy cutaway through clouds and the reserve opening in line twists.

Why did it happen

Poor decision making

The POV jumper was using borrowed gear, admits that they did not go over their plan with someone more experienced, did not prepare adequately, and stated that they were mixing a standard canopy with a high performance canopy for this two-way flock.

How could it be prevented?

Planning and training

Flocking is a lot of fun but there’s a reason why some of the most experienced canopy pilots in the world go through a ton of walk-throughs on the ground before getting on the plane. The jumpers in this video admitted that they “should have known better… should have prepared better… (and) should have executed better.” They also noted that “If you are going to be flying close to each other, or touch canopies, please talk with someone with experience.”

Hook knives

Most CRW dogs are going to say that a hook knife is a critical piece of equipment, but that should apply to all skydivers. In this case, the jumper was borrowing a rig and didn’t have one with them and is unaware if the other jumper had one. Simply put, a hook knife should be a critical part of your gear check. Period.

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