Soooo, a skydiver in this group fell below the formation and instead of getting back up to the formation or watching them until break-off, he just decided to track off in a random direction and hope for the best. Without knowing where Waldo went, the videographer tracks away at break-off and nearly collides in mid-air with Waldo.

The skyvan was flying at the Invasion 2012, and this is a good example of how NOT to exit said aircraft. We call it "jumping" for a reason... because we're jumping out of planes, not casually stepping out of them. Despite how bad this looks/sounds, luckily he was wearing a helmet and he landed safely without injury. #INVASIONweek wouldn't be complete without a little carnage.

Talk about a zoo dive. Here's a dozen skydivers on a tracking jump at the Invasion 2012 and a few of the people that fell behind get a little too close for comfort, tracking over each other -- and towards each other -- at break-off. The 180 opening didn't help either. Compared to this other parachute collision in freefall, this close opening doesn't look so bad.

It's not too often you get a 3-in-1 parachute malfunction. It starts off with two guys entangled in lines. Then one of them puts their canopy on spin cycle. And just as they untangle from the mess, he cuts away, ejecting himself back into freefall -- which, I must admit, kinda looks like fun considering the situation they were just in. But not to worry, he packed an extra large pink clamshell instead of a reserve and lands safely.

Skipping off the pond isn't the best way to win a swoop comp, but this guy earns extra style points for picking up a wind blade along the way.

Theres nothing like a grown man crying to put a smile on your face. My fave part is when he says allllaaaaaaaa allaaaaabibki aaaa allahuakbar lalaya dabeeeeeeeyaaa!!!... or something like that.

Thermals are a paraglider's wet dream. That is until your paraglider goes boom! Then that wet dream turns into wet underwear faster than you can say "oh shiiiii..." As the ground rush intensifies, the video cuts out -- he didn't think his GoPro was on, so he thought he was turning it on to film the impact but ended up turning it off instead. Double fail.

Having your Vigil fire prematurely, then getting your head stuck between a twist in your reserve risers and not being able to see what's happening behind you, followed by a water landing kinda sucks. Definitely not the best way to start off your weekend. My advice: buy a case of beer, get a re-pack, and better luck next weekend.

Getting a leg wrapped up in your riser during deployment is definitely up there on the ooooohhh fuuuucckk list. Lets just say that the six-hundred-and-something square feet of trailing fabric probably wasnt making this guy feel all warm and fuzzy inside -- but a clean pair of underwear sure would.

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