Seeing as this is a BASE jump, it's a pretty short jump and canopy ride. But try telling that to the BASE jumper after bashing himself into a wall not once, but TWICE! That shit's gotta hurt. Ouch. Not something we advise trying -- ever. But good on 'em for keeping his cool and (we hope) landing safely.

Man, you can never have too much nylon! Too right! And not only does he survive being wrapped up in three canopies (including his reserve), but he steers that mess with his right hand and his left foot to land safely in a field. True story. What a BADASS!

Videos like this dont usually exist. The reason? Most people would be dead after hitting a canopy in freefall. The upper guy struck the lower guy with both hands on his way by in freefall. I've posted some collision close calls in the past, but this is as close as it gets and still living to talk about it. Be safe out there everyone.

Another visual reminder to watch your handles in the plane! This skydiver's pilot chute gets caught on the inside of the skyvan door. Luckily it wasn't a caravan or otter where the parachute can get caught on the tail of the plane, like this guy. Watch your HANDLES! Watch YOUR handles! WATCH YOUR HANDLES!

It turns out doing a rollover off a bridge CAN be hazardous to your health. Luckily water is good for your health, especially when it breaks your fall.

This is pretty much what you don't want to do on a hop-n-pop. BUT, what she did do right is get a parachute out over her head and landed safely. Primo, numero uno, most important thing. Great. And here are some tips on how to improve: 1) get further forward in the door so you're sure not to hit the back bulkhead, 2) know that the wind outside is strong so be strong yourself, and 3) present to the relative wind. Hope this helps!

Usually milestone jumps are the exciting ones, you know, 100, 500, etc. This one is close to 800, but turned out jump number 790 at Summerfest was the one for the YouTube posterity -- a snappy head down premature opening. Check your gear before every jump! ~MelVideo by Daniel Croft.

Reaching around in a wingsuit to pull your pin when your bridle is wrapped around your hackey is a bit of a joy-killer. As is the resulting bag lock. Luckily for Walker Mackey his reserve plays nice and comes out clean. Bet that brought a smile to his face!

Wingsuit fly-bys can be fun. Unintentional, unplanned fly-bys can be scary as hell. This was a close call and could've been avoided had he paid less attention to shooting video and more attention to his surrounding environment. Videos are cool; staying alive is even cooler. Live and learn. Keep your head on a swivel and play safe everyone. Here's another example of shooting-video-gone-wrong.

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