We've all been there. I do it. You do it too, don't lie. It's a human reflex. #Hammertime

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the tunnel rats at iFLY Downunder prove they can (river)dance. Well done lads!

This is HILARIOUS! Wait for it... wait for it... and here comes Santa down the chimney, err, tunnel. Even Darth Vader makes an appearance (no, really). Lol. Merry Christmas everyone.

So you want your child to be a skydiving superstar, right? Thanks to the First Time Toddler Tunnel Tandem Training Program, otherwise known as FTTTTT-P, children can begin training at a younger age to stay competitive on the indoor skydiving circuit.

The FTTTTT-P was created by Jordan Lamach and Nate Roth, which covers all the basics like belly flying, back flying, sit flying and supported head down — all at the tender age of 3 years old.

Good luck little Timmy!

Watch this TRON meets Iron Man-inspired from Aero Gravity. The adventure continues! ⚡

Directed by: Tommaso Gorani
Performers: Inka Tiitto, Maciej Kucharczuk

Just like this. Rock that tunnel warm-up!

The BodyFlying tunnel has been kickin' it old school since 1991. It's an open air tunnel that looks 49% fun and 51% terrifying. I probably wouldn't last 2 minutes in this thing with my tunnel tracking skillz. Would you give it a try?

FlyStation is the first indoor skydiving wind tunnel to open in Japan, so what better way to celebrate the grand opening than to let a sumo wrestler experience the magic of flying — sans jumpsuit — in all his flapping glory.

Disclaimer: No wind was harmed in the making of this film.

It's all about the flow, and team Mad Ravens are the masters of flow: "We were thinking about the routine as one big piece. Instead of just putting in random moves which might look cool, we tried to maintain the same rhythm throughout."

Watch their jaw-dropping free routine from the 2nd FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championship, filmed by Lauri Aapro.

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