New World Record: 63 BASE Jumps in 24 Hours by Miles Daisher

Posted by Andrew R.

How did you spend the longest day of the year? Miles Daisher of the Red Bull Air Force spent the extra hours of daylight on the summer solstice throwing himself off a bridge – 63 times, to be exact. The feat earned him the record for the most unassisted BASE jumps in 24 hours.

An unassisted BASE jump means that the jumper cannot utilize an outside source (like an elevator or crane) to return to the jump point — so Miles had to hike to the top for EVERY jump.

Miles originally set the record in 2005 with 57 jumps, and his record stood until 2016, when Dan Weiland jumped 61 times. In addition to now holding the 24-hour unassisted record, Miles also holds the unofficial record for most BASE jumps ever, having jumped 4,520 times in his lifetime.