Andrew ReveszBy Andrew Revesz

This is by far the DUMBEST “malfunction” in skydiving history! Period. We all know how much damage a Category 5 hurricane can cause. Well Gerardo Flores is a Category 5 idiot! Watching this video actually makes me quite angry, but here’s the breakdown: 30 jumps (in 2 years??!!), wearing a GoPro with only 30 jumps (WTF??!!), then “ee jus ‘sploded” at 13,000 feet. The problem here is “you never pull above 6,000 feet” (right??!!) because “ees super high”, then he considered chopping a perfectly good canopy (WTF??!!) and then randomly passes out even though he looked pretty awake and alert to me (yet he remained unconscious for 2 weeks afterwards??!!). And then, finally, and magically, he managed to land on the dropzone… unconscious??!! Unless I’m missing something, this story makes NO sense. Well done Gerardo, looks like you got your 15 minutes of fame. And now, let’s hear your thoughts in the comments… let the feeding frenzy begin…