Friday Freakout: Novice Wingsuiter Can’t Open Parachute, Saved by AAD Fire

Posted by Zej Moczydlowski

What happened

I’d say that an AAD fire makes for an unintentionally exciting skydive… especially if you’re a novice wingsuiter on WS jump #16! He couldn’t deploy his main canopy, lost control in a flat spin, blanked out on emergency procedures and didn’t pull his reserve. The end result was an AAD fire and line twists on his reserve. *Gulp*

Why did it happen

Unfamiliar Gear

This individual was the first to admit that, while inexperienced and jumping brand new gear, he didn’t go through some fairly basic steps like doing practice pulls. Consequently, when it came time to deploy he wasn’t familiar with how to access/reach the freefly pud.

Forgot Emergency Procedures

The jumper also admits that, once he failed to deploy and put himself into a dive, he completely blanked on his EP’s, and forgot to go to his reserve. He also appears to have lost all altitude awareness and burned through his hard deck so badly his AAD fired.

How could it be prevented

Know Your Gear

This skydiver ended his submission by noting that his rig is now equipped with a hackie rather than a freefly pud. We’re not going to debate whether a hackie is superior to a freefly pud or anything like that. We will say, however, that before you get out of a plane with a new piece of gear on you should try to know how it’s going to affect your jump. Only after a scary incident did this jumper realize that the freefly pud was not for him. It’s something he could have probably figured out on the ground.

Back to Basics

This jumper failed to maintain altitude awareness, didn’t realize he was at his hard deck, and forgot to go to reserve after two attempts at deploying a main. All of these items are covered on the first day of AFF! Just because you’re trying a new discipline doesn’t mean that the basic safety precautions you’ve been taught as a skydiver get tossed out the window.

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