Friday Freakout: Premature Parachute Opening, Skydiver Nearly Falls Out Of Harness!

Posted by Andrew R.

A newly A-licensed jumper has a scary premature parachute opening with a borrowed rig that wasn’t freefly friendly.

It was a recipe for disaster — an old container with a worn out BOC (bottom of container), no bungee cord connecting the leg straps together, loose chest strap — and Emily came very close to actually falling out of her harness!

For those of you who aren’t aware of the importance of a bungee cord on the leg straps: when sit flying, your leg straps can ride up near your knees. Without a bungee cord connecting the leg straps, this creates a hole you can fall through if there is an upward force on your rig (e.g. premature deployment at an inopportune time, as seen in this video).

To learn more, watch the video below as Zach Lewis demonstrates how easy it is to fall out of your harness if your rig isn’t freefly friendly:

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