Friday Freakout: Premature Parachute Opening & Bag Lock On Big-Way Skydive

Posted by Andrew R.

What happened?

This skydive was a 13-way “triathlon jump” — a BFR to a sit round to a tracking jump — and one of the jumpers had a premature opening while tracking away, which turned into a bag lock followed by a quick cutaway. A zoo dive just wouldn’t be complete without a sketchy premie 😉

Why did this happen?

A gear check was performed prior to boarding the plane, but when it came time to exit, there were a lot of people jammed in the door. This jumper was pushed against the back wall of the plane just before their exit, which he thinks caused the pin to dislodge from the closing loop — a horseshoe malfunction in the making, but the pilot chute was extracted once the d-bag came out of the container.

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