Friday Freakout: Horseshoe Malfunction, Premature Opening & Cutaway

Posted by Andrew R.

A skydiver on a 3-way jump accidentally rubbed his rig against the door frame while climbing out of the plane (Cessna 185), which popped open his closing pin and caused a horseshoe malfunction. The d-bag remained in the container for most of the skydive while he was belly flying and sit flying, but it was eventually extracted from the container once he rolled onto his back — that’s when shit hits the fan.

He managed to deploy his pilot chute and get his main canopy open, but the d-bag and bridle had wrapped around the lines, which prevented the slider from coming down the lines and caused a slight right turn to the canopy.

The premature opening happened around 7,000 feet and he decided to fly over the DZ before cutting away at 2,500 feet. He landed his reserve without incident.

Remember: it’s always good practice to rotate your rig inwards towards the center of the door while climbing out to avoid rubbing your rig against the door.

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