Friday Freakout: Skydiver Has Hard Premature Parachute Opening While Freeflying

Posted by Andrew R.

What happened?

A skydiver has a snappy premature parachute opening at 7,000 feet while back-flying on a 2-way freefly jump. Ouch! 😲 Luckily the other jumper wasn’t above him or that he wasn’t flying head down when the premie occurred.

Why did this happen?

The rig was inspected and nothing noticeable was found, so perhaps the pilot chute just wasn’t tucked deep enough into the BOC and the exposed fabric caught just enough air while he was on his back to cause the premature opening.

What could have been done differently?

Just a friendly reminder to double check your gear — heck, even triple check if you’re OCD — and make sure you have a tight BOC to keep you pilot chute firmly in place until deployment.

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