Friday Freakout: Skydiver vs. Plane — Very Close Call In Freefall

Posted by Andrew R.

Either this AFF instructor missed his connecting flight, or he had a really close call with a plane in freefall.

It was GoPro close.

I was close enough I could see the pilot freaking out.

As the jumper turned to track away at break-off, he saw the plane and acted quickly to avoid a collision:

I slammed on the brakes to stop tracking and started backsliding as hard as I could.

What are the rules and requirements for pilots?

Fellow jump pilot J.P. Furnari shared some helpful information about air traffic control (ATC) and clear airspace:

“There is no requirement for other planes to stay clear of the airspace.

We (jump pilots) rely on radio announcements (which would require the other pilots to be on the same frequency), ATC to call out traffic when they can, and the jumpers themselves spotting.

So spot like your life depends on it.”