Friday Freakout: Terrifying Malfunction, Skydiver’s Leg Strap Unbuckled In Freefall!

Posted by Zej Moczydlowski

What happened

This is a pretty terrifying malfunction that you don’t see every day! A skydiver’s B12 style leg strap was accidentally grabbed and unclipped in freefall. Ummm…. $#!@%. She didn’t realize what was going on until just before she deployed, but thankfully she was able to stay in the harness, and then – with some difficulties – got her leg strap back on while she was under canopy and landed safely.

Why did it happen

Improperly Sized Gear

The jumper noted that “My leg straps aren’t as tight as they need to be (even though it’s the tightest they would go on this rig).” In other words, this rig was too big for her.


Based on their skill level, these jumpers were probably somewhat newer to the sport and, in their excitement at getting a dock, the second jumper grabbed right onto that leg strap clip.

How could it be prevented

Proper Equipment

Skydiving gear needs to fit properly and be in proper working order to avoid incidents like this. Had this jumper’s leg straps been properly sized, it is unlikely that the clip would have come undone in this manner.

Hands Off the Goods

The jumper’s friend at one point goes to grab onto her for a dock but his hand accidentally grabs onto her B12 clip instead. Jumpers should be aware of what they’re grabbing when flying with one another and need to make sure that they don’t accidentally grab handles or, in this case, clips.

Additional Note

This is one of the scarier Friday Freakout video submissions we’ve seen considering how badly this could’ve ended, but just to reiterate, this jumper landed safely.

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