Project Archive Presents: Dare to Live

Posted by Andrew R.

Here’s another inspiring film from the Project Archive Film Festival, a fundraiser hosted by Kinetic to help support fellow filmmakers during the Covid-19 shutdown. If you’re in a position to spare some shekels for the fundraiser, there is a GoFundMe here.

About The Film

Titled “Dare to Live,” this film by Johannes Bergfors began in 2013, long before mirrorless cameras were commonplace and GoPros had stabilization. The commission was to create an inspiring narrative skydiving video, but the production died after the deal fell through. Now, in light of the global struggle that has put our passions on hold, this film becomes more applicable than ever, as it examines the feelings of joy, friendship, and freedom, while grappling with fear, something that has gripped our entire community these last few months.

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