FlyOn Freefly Team — Brazilian Carnival Edition

Posted by Andrew R.

Skydiving and skill camps in Brazil? Yes please! Here are the highlights from a camp hosted by the FlyOn Freefly Team at Skydive4Fun in Boituva. If you love skydiving, learning from talented coaches, eating BBQ and watching stunning sunsets, then Brazil is a must-add to your travel list.

Video by Andrew Revesz

Learn more about FlyOn Freefly and all the events they have planned this year…

FlyOn’s 2018 Events

Space Invaders
April 27 – May 6 (Piracicaba)

The Reunion Skills Camp
May 9 – 12 (Piracicaba)

Beach Boogie
July 5 – 8 (Paraty)

South American HD Record Tryouts
July 27 – 29 (Piracicaba)
August 28 – Sept 3 w/ Luis Prinetto (TBD)
August 31 – Sept 2 (TBD)

Skydive Festival
Sept 17 – 23 (Boituva)

South American HD Record
Oct 16 – 20 (Skydive DeLand)

Brave heart V: Special Edition
Nov 8 – 10 (Piracicaba)

The Reunion FlyOn Camp
Dec 7 – 8 (Piracicaba)

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