Swift Squirrel Wingsuit

Posted by Andrew R.

Flying squirrels are cool, and so are Squirrel Wingsuits. The Swift is the latest addition to the family, but rather than hear all about it from me, here’s the full write-up from the Squirrel Team…The Swift is our new wingsuit for skydivers who want a safe and easy progression into the sport, but still want a suit that will be fun once their skills progress. It is also a great suit for experienced skydivers who want something for flocking and freestyle or acro flying. For a suit of its size, it has an impressive amount of range and power, if you want it. For beginners, open the arm wing pressurization zips and fly it with softer wings its even possible to fly in a box-man position, with your arms over your head. No cutaways are necessary, of course, and its easy to reach your brakes and risers immediately upon deployment.What we have learned from our years of testing new wingsuits is that you can get a pretty good idea about a suit while skydiving, but youll never really get to know it until youve BASE jumped it. The amount of information that you can get from a suit in the BASE environment is incredible, especially when you are flying near terrain. Testing a wingsuit in the BASE environment is like flying in the wind-tunnel for the first time, where every inch of drift becomes apparent. The Swifts performance and stability has been thoroughly proven in the BASE environment. We would never design a suit that isnt fun for us to fly, and even though the Swift is made for beginners, we love this new wingsuit and we have been having a lot of fun in it. In the future we will see some expert BASE jumpers doing amazing things with smaller suits in the big mountains the potential is truly awesome.The Swift pressurizes immediately and evenly on exit. In the BASE environment, like with most wingsuits, speed is your friend. The Swift remains stable and solid through even the steepest of dives. In the skydive environment, the Swift is extremely versatile. Its an agile suit with performance that will allow you to flock with a wide range of similarly sized wingsuits. For beginners, the arm sweep is calculated to allow a stable arch position, and with arms and knees bent, so you can maintain a stable vertical freefall position. Our mission with the Swift was to create a tool that would be suitable for talented beginners, but still fun for experts. We look forward to hearing what you think, and to flying with you for many years to come.Cheers, from all the Squirrel Team.