HOLYFK: Intense Wingsuit BASE Jump Through Crack

Posted by Andrew R.

Some wise words from the Squirrel team: “Maybe we can all enjoy this impressive display of training and dedication without passing judgment?

It is difficult to reconcile this video with the common advice given to BASE jumpers: Go long not hard, be old not bold, etc. This clip, which could be one of the heaviest minutes of WS BASE we’ve seen, has to be accompanied by a caveat, a warning:

  1. First, Alberto Tagliati lives WS BASE full time, and is more current in these cliffs than anyone – this is not the result of identifying a cool line, and then jumping into it during a summer vacation! This is years of full time training.
  2. Second, it is obvious from the video that this type of flying is unsustainable, even when it feels easy, as it does when you are at this level. Alberto knows this, you know this, we know this.”

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