Friday Freakout: Object Strike, BASE Jumper Gets Stuck Hanging From Antenna

Posted by Zej Moczydlowski

What happened

This BASE jumper got bored during the Covid-19 quarantine and decided to jump some objects, but the second jump of the day didn’t quite go as planned. He had an object strike and his parachute got stuck on the antenna, but he eventually made it down safely.

Why did it happen

Gear settings or conditions?

From this POV, it’s hard to tell if conditions or rigging played a role in this incident — it is completely possible that these were a factor.

Bad luck?

BASE jumping is an inherently dangerous activity and several experienced BASE jumpers who viewed this video said that it may have simply been bad luck. One of those individuals noted that there are only two types of BASE jumpers: those who have had bad luck on a jump and those who will. Another noted that the jumper should be realistic, be thankful that his bad luck was limited to an object strike and should turn this into a learning experience.

How could it be prevented

Brake settings?

As previously noted, it’s hard to tell about conditions or rigging but one experienced BASE jumper stated that – if those two factors were not an issue – that they “can guarantee his brake settings are not deep enough.”

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