Friday Freakout: Wingsuit Rodeo Gone Wrong, Spins Out Of Control For 8,000 Feet!

Posted by Andrew R.

Wingsuit rodeos can be fun, but this one didn’t quite turn out as planned — burning through 8,000 feet of altitude in a flat spin definitely wasn’t part of the plan.

It’s hard to see what happened from this rear-facing POV footage on the wingsuiter, but here’s what caused the flat spin: it was a steep (read: head down) exit and once the rodeo rider was ejected, the winguit pilot was head down carving on his back before going into the flat spin, which lasted nearly 8,000 feet before he recovered and deployed his main canopy.

Exit altitude was 13,500 feet. That’s a lot of time and altitude for a dizzying flat spin in a wingsuit. Spicy!