Friday Freakout: Skydiver Entangled With Premature Parachute Opening & Step-Through Malfunction

Posted by Andrew R.

Shortly after exiting the plane, this skydiver had a premature opening and got entangled with the lines.

Fortunately he cleared the line entanglement from his body, but his body rotated through the risers as his canopy opened, which caused a step-through malfunction.

He cutaway and decided to burn some altitude in freefall before pulling his reserve because there was a group of wingsuiters exiting after him and he didn’t want to be in their airspace under canopy.

Main Canopy: Leia 75

What caused the premature opening?

As the jumper was climbing out of the plane, he rubbed his rig against the door frame, which popped his main closing pin.

It’s always good practice to rotate your rig inwards towards the center of the door while climbing out to avoid rubbing your rig against the door.