Friday Freakout: Skydiver Hits Power Lines, Parachute Goes Boom!

Posted by Andrew R.

Electricity: 1, Parachute: 0

A skydiver gets a shocking surprise after overshooting his intended landing area on an off-DZ landing.

He thought he could fly through the opening in the trees, but he didn’t notice the power lines running along the driveway until it was too late.

Tips for avoiding power lines

Here’s what the SIM has to say about power lines:

1. Power lines typically appear along roads, between buildings, and along straight-line paths through wooded areas.

2. They may be invisible, except for their poles.

3. Power lines can be extremely dangerous: if there is no other alternative, landing in trees, in water, or on a small obstacle may be preferable to landing in power lines.

4. Sharp turns close to the ground can be equally dangerous, so it is important to identify power lines and steer clear of them while enough altitude remains to do so safely.

Procedure for landing in a power line

1. Drop any ripcords.

2. Pull both toggles to the halfway position, prepare for a hard landing, and turn your head to one side.

3. Touch no more than one wire at a time.

4. If suspended in the wires: the parachute can conduct electricity, so the power needs to be off before making contact with anyone or anything on the ground.