Friday Freakout: Skydiver Saved By AAD, Lands In Trees

Posted by Andrew R.

Whoa, talk about intense ground rush! This incident starts off with a spinning malfunction due to a tension knot, followed by a standard cutaway. But he couldn’t find his reserve handle and he didn’t have an RSL, so he loses a lot of altitude while frantically trying to locate his reserve handle. He eventually finds the reserve handle, but his AAD beats him to it and fires the reserve open just in time for an “exciting” tree landing.

An AAD just might save your life and an RSL isn’t such a bad idea either. Sure, there’s always debate and personal opinions about whether or not to use an RSL, but historically and statistically, RSLs have saved far more lives than caused issues or death.

Do you jump with an AAD and an RSL? Let us know in the comments.

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