Friday Freakout: Skydiver Skims Power Lines and Rooftop on Tight Off DZ Landing

Posted by Andrew R.

Power lines, rooftops and trees, oh my!

It started off with these skydivers taking a long time to climb out of the plane and nobody checking the spot before jumping.

Once they were under canopy, they were really far away from the dropzone (P3 Skydive in Panama).

This skydiver tried to make it back to the DZ, but he realized he wasn’t going to make it and chose an alternate off DZ landing — a decision he admits he should’ve made earlier when he had more altitude to spare.

I wanted to land in the big empty lot in the residential complex, but once I turned into the wind, I knew I was in trouble. I should have made the decision [to land there] earlier.

He ended up in a tight spot, skimming the rooftop of a house with power lines on his left and trees on his right.

I had to improvise by lifting my legs to clear the roof — I felt like a tandem passenger. And I almost pissed my pants.