Friday Freakout: BASE Jumper Turns Low, Lands in a… Bush?

Posted by Zej Moczydlowski

What happened

This jumper was exiting from an antenna with multiple cables running off it. While he managed to exit and (barely) not clip one of the cables, his body turned. An on-heading opening kept him from turning into the antenna but, finding himself in a precarious situation, he decided to do the worst thing he could think of: turn low and not finish his flare. He (probably) got lucky that there was a bush in his way that cushioned his landing and prevented an injury.

Why did it happen

Nerves and inexperience

The jumper looks pretty nervous and it’s likely that either nerves or inexperience resulted in his body position turning before deployment. Fortunately, he was still able to avoid the cables running off the antenna and his body position only rotated approximately ninety degrees.

How could it be prevented

Better Planning

One highly experienced BASE jumper who reviewed this video noted that it appears that this jumper didn’t really have a plan in place for when he didn’t have a perfect deployment. “Preplanning every outcome is the plan in BASE. It rarely goes well when you’re inventing it as you go. BASE jumpers always think they will rise to the occasion. What we know is that we rise to our level of training.”

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