Friday Freakout: Parachute Landing In Heavy Fog With Zero Visibility. Not Fun.

Posted by Andrew R.

Two hot air balloons launched from the airport, but heavy fog rolled in quickly as the balloons climbed to altitude.

Despite the poor visibility, this wingsuiter made the decision to jump. He was confident he would make it back to the DZ, but he wasn’t aware the fog was so low to the ground.

The other jumpers in the second balloon waited 15 minutes for the fog to clear, and they jumped with clear visibility a few kilometres away from the DZ, which is to be expected on a balloon jump.

The end result for the wingsuiter was to fly his canopy through the fog and land with almost zero visibility. Not a fun experience, but he learned his lesson and will use more caution and patience to avoid making a bad decision like this in the future. Live and learn.