Friday Freakout: Skydiver Survives Scary Double Malfunction & Hard Landing

Posted by Andrew R.

This scary double malfunction occurred due to a fellow skydiver helping a friend connect new gear albeit incorrectly and the gear not being inspected close enough before jumping.

Long story short, the main parachute was connected backwards. The 3 rings were also routed incorrectly, which, at first glance from the front, appeared to be connected correctly. Once the jumper realized the situation under canopy, she cutaway. Due to the misrouted 3 rings, she didn’t have a clean cutaway and the RSL fired the reserve into her main canopy, causing an entanglement.

The result was a double malfunction, a very hard landing, two shattered ankles, a compound tibia fracture, several surgeries and a long road to recovery. She’s lucky to be alive.

Please remember that this footage was graciously shared so we can all learn from a (nearly) deadly mistake. We’ve all made mistakes. The purpose of posting this is not to publicly humiliate anyone, but rather to serve as a reminder for proper gear checks before every jump.

Complacency kills in our sport. Please don’t become another statistic.