Friday Freakout: Zoo Dive Turns Into Premature Opening In Freezing Temperature (-58 F)

Posted by Andrew R.

Meanwhile in Russia, a fun jump starts off at 16,400 feet in the middle of winter, with the temperature at altitude hitting -58 F (-50 C). The goal was to transition a 3-way star into a horny gorilla, but it quickly turned into an uncontrolled meat ball, resulting in a premature opening at 9,000 feet due to a loose BOC. One of the other jumpers panicked and deployed when he saw the premature opening (insert palm-to-face emoticon here).

Premature openings and long canopy rides from 9,000 feet suck, but long canopy rides in freezing temps suck even more. They had to spiral down as quickly as possible to avoid frostbite.

Freefly-friendly gear is important, including a tight BOC to avoid premature openings like this.